Hans J. von Hippel – Albatros D.Va “Blitz”

Hans Joachim von Hippel – Albatros D.Va “Blitz”

‘I first encountered Gregs work whilst filming at the Boultbee Flight Academy, in Chichester back in 2015 for Channel 4. I remember the reception area was jammed full of really amazing aviation artefacts; spitfire yokes, reflector gun sights, models etc… there was one item that particually stood out amongst the rest though…

On the coffee table, in the centre of the room, surrounded by thick, heavy leather settees was this beautiful Bronze sculpture. Unlike anything id seen before, I instantly fell in love with it, it was an early edition of Gregs Albert Ball piece; ‘Knights Of The Sky’. What struck me was the energy of the sculpture, Greg had managed to capture the speed, and adrenaline of the aeroplanes action in its form. It focussed on the cockpit section and was contained in this perfectly proportioned bronze. I could picture it in my home, and for many years there after wished it was!

I had no idea back then that I would be starting the collection, but when I first conceived the idea, I knew that Greg’s work, and sculptures just had to feature. I had no idea how I was going to convince this extremely talented artist to agree, but I had to have his work!’  Arthur Williams 2019 is a BAFTA-winning British television presenter, professional paralympic cyclist and former Royal Marine.

New patination and optional Cotswold Stone Base 2019

Hans Joachim Theodor Gottlieb von Hippel was born on 12th September 1893 in Berlin, the second child of Prussian general Conrad von Hippel and his wife Else von Hippel. He joined Jasta 5 (fighter squadron) in 1917 having earlier transferred from field artillery to the Luftstreitkräfte.

The Albatros D.Va was a later development of the DIII, much admired by those who flew them, but could not live up to its predecessors reputation. During the latter part of the war, German pilots would paint their aircraft to their own taste. The lightning bolt “Blitz” was mostly associated with von Hippel’s aircraft.

The second piece from the “Knights of the Sky” series, Albatros D.Va pays tribute to its arresting form. The beautifully curved semi-monocoque section providing quite a challenge when trying to convey the essence of this aircraft in such a small section. The Kinetic nature of this piece is naturally enhanced by the pilot’s own paint scheme.

Solid bronze on a Slate Base or Cotswold Stone Cube

An edition of 50, individually numbered and signed

Current Pricing

£ 2500

Below is an image of the ‘One -off’ edition in Bronze then Silver plated for the Guild of Aviation artists exhibition 2010  Edition APS 001/001

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