Companion Piece

Companion piece

This piece compliments the Tally-ho sculpture and utilises the same Spitfire bronze
and glass clear resin. The aerofoil mounting section reflects the riveting and
eliptical wing design of the Spitfire, its most enduring feature. The bronze is
attached with a brass pin which allows articulation or removal, giving the sculpture a
tactile element, which is always enouraged.

The mounting was originally conceived as a presentation piece for students achieving
their pilot’s licence at the Goodwood Flying School. It is currently being awarded, in
its complete form, to those successfully completing the Spitfire conversion course at
the Boultbee Flight Academy. It also serves as the Fly Past Fellowship Award trophy at
the Guild of Aviation Artists (GAvA) annual exhibition.

“This £1000 award was judged by the Fellows of the Guild. For the work which best
illustrates the qualities and standards of excellence synonymous with the ideals and
aspirations of the Guild.”

Solid bronze on glass clear resin wing section reflecting the eliptical shape of the Spitfire wing tip

An open edition, individually numbered and signed

Price : £470


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