Angels One Five ‘Battle of Britain’

Angels One-Five ‘Battle of Britain’

This brand new sculpture created in 2019 is an abstract work offering a moment of the sky showing the different altitudes of conflict where no side has the advantage, comprising of Spitfires, Messerschmitt 109s an Heinkel 111s. The different layers of altitude are represented by the sizes of the individual aircraft.

Three Supermarine Spitfires are in abstract relief on the surface rising in altitude to meet the challenge.

Angels One Five is the term used to indicate the altitude of the aircraft ie 15000 feet.

The work has many individual clear sculptures embedded by the artist within the sculpture, in seperate layers. The items are hand cast and finished prior to placing by the artist.

Approx 45cm wide by 55cm tall and an average of 30mm thickness.

This edition AP001/004 2020

Glass clear resin
Slate Base with Stainless Steel Turrets

Four Artists Proofs

Edition of 25, signed and numbered

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Fabulous photography from the Gunhill Studios

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